Photography: Kim Silcox
Francois and Rodrigo are uniquely diverse in their guitar styles. Their blend of Flamenco and
Spanish Classical Technique capture a musical sound bound by passion and energy.

Francois spent many of his formative years living in various locations throughout the world. After
completing his second college degree he now resides in San Francisco California. Francois took up the
guitar at the age of 17 and although Classical is at the core of his playing, he plays every style imaginable.
He has performed in Masters Classes in front of the LA Guitar Quartet, Gray and Pearl Duo. His teachers
include Eric Sinclair, Sue Burkhart, Carver Blanchard, Scott Tennant and Andrew York. Francois studied at
NGW and released a solo album "Conversations with My Guitar".  

Rodrigo is from the town of Los Gatos located in Northern California. He currently resides in the Santa
Cruz Mountains. At the age of fourteen he began to play guitar and continued throughout his high school
years.  After college and giving his guitar a rest for several years he reemerged to study a new genre of
music. Rodrigo has studied traditional Flamenco Guitar with maestros Mariano Cordoba, Kenny 'El
Lebrijano" Parker and "El Carbonero" of Jerez Spain.  

Francois and Rodrigo met in 2002 at the Big Basin Bistro in Saratoga California. Rodrigo was enjoying a
glass of wine when Francois showed up to play his scheduled gig. Francois approached Rodrigo and
said " If your going  to bring a guitar  to my gig you better get up and play it". Rodrigo did and the two
haven't stopped playing together since.

Francois performs with a Baptist Bofi Spanish Classical Guitar.
Rodrigo performs with a Sobrinos De Domingo Estesos
Bay Area Spanish Guitar Event Music